Some Kind of Nightmare

This morning while sipping coffee in Glenwood Springs, CO, and browsing the images from the camera I downloaded the other day, I came across this one – a play image or a mistake – badly under exposed and grainy. It really caught me as something rather odd, surreal, not something I would want to encounter if these things were alive. Images of nooses and creatures waiting to gobble you up or wrap themselves around you. Technological nightmare? I don’t know. But here you are – a bit of play in a gothic way.

I prefer flowers, myself.

Grass Lake

Eastern Oregon; Grass Lake.

Apparently back in the early part of the last century, this was a really nice place to come. The lake was renown for fishing and there was a hotel – resort, anyone? So, to kill a lot of fish all at once, someone decided to do it with dynamite. The result? The area is volcanic and beneath the lake was a cave or something, made from cooled lava. The dynamite broke the roof of the cave . . . drained the lake . . . lots of dead fish, and that was it.

The End.

Now it is a lovely rest stop alongside the road, with a trail, picnic grounds, pet area, and a much welcomed spot. When it rains, I think the lake may fill with water, but for now native grasses fill the lake bed.