Start of the Day

This is getting to be a rather fun project. No pressure, either. I am sort of documenting bits of my daily life with the Instax Printer Project. I am also finding out that my scanner was filthy, and probably the lens of my X100V needs a bit of dusting. Spot removal in post has been a major time sucker. Despite that, I am looking at photography as a fun adventure again! That is rather nice IMO.

Through the Window

I am not at all inspired to do photography and I am hoping this project – which so far seems pretty sad – might motivate me. The nice thing is that both my Fuji X100V and my cell phone connect to the Instax SP3 printer via bluetooth or whatever. As a result, I am now more inclined to take a camera with me when out and about, which is not much these days in the Land of Pandemia.

I’m in hiding these days – lurking at the window, hoping not to be seen . . .


Coming from a family that didn’t take photos or have family heirlooms, I have always rather longed for them. As a result, over the years, I have picked up a few. As with everything, repairs are necessary. Yesterday I picked up my lap desk (ca 1840) to move it, and a strip of wood running along the bottom unglued itself. Luckily, my husband has a bit of woodworking knowledge – his dad used to build harpsichords all by hand, including each plucker – so we used some wood glue and clamps to take care of the strip.

Writing Tools of Yore

Sometimes things just drop by the wayside, and photography has been one of them. I’ve been too busy being lazy, painting, blobbing, and sewing. A few other things, too. We all get there. The photo mojo just vanished but I decided I had to get out of my rut and think about the photography side of my life. I rather wish I was up for challenges, as I think it could be a boon, but lately the idea of obligations – as a challenge could be – might be more than I want to deal with. However, I have come up with an idea to try for a few weeks . . .

Awhile back I got a Fuji Instax Square Printer, and it is a sweet little item. It connects with my phone via an app as well as the Fuji X100V. Instant prints. It works quite well. And that is my challenge – a picture or two every day for a bit. No time frame, just a daily picture.

Above is my first photo for this challenge. I like old writing implements and tools. This is my inkwell, ca. 1810-1840. I am inclined to think it may be from the time quills were in use as there are 4 holes on the top.  Quills need to dry out between uses, so if you are writing a lot, a number of quills need to be available.  You switch between them to keep a good nib.  The inkwell to hold the ink is under the hinged lid, and in it I have my own homemade iron gall ink. And a quill – a realio, trulio quill – cut in the traditional manner so that it actually works. I used both to write my sister a letter, and sent her this print and a few others.

It is very satisfying to get out the pen and ink and write! My cursive is pretty good, and I have a light touch, as needed, to use a quill pen. No blobs of ink sullied my letter. My paper, too, was excellent, because there was no feathering of the ink nor bleeding through the paper. I did my research and am pleased to see it paid off – modern papers can be hell to use with wet ink. I am also learning English “Secretary Hand” from ca. 1600. It’s not at all like Italic, which I think later replaced it, but it is interesting to do as it is somewhere between Gothic and Italic. The benefit to learning it will be able to read documents &tc from the time period, as well as stay out of trouble.