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Prickly Love and Some Thoughts


First, I really enjoy the prickly pear cacti in my neighborhood – that is, as long as I don’t fall into a patch.  Their paddle-shaped stems (the thorns are the leaves) often show up heart-shaped, and in season bear beautiful flowers which become the pear.  After all our rains, I can hardly wait to see what the trails nearby have to offer.

Thoughts:  Fraggie suggested a weekly post on the monthly subject.  I will give it a shot for every Monday.  That I think I can do without feeling depressed about my project and without feeling pressure from lack of time.  My workday yesterday was out of the house at 8:00 a.m. and home at 7:30 p.m.  I think you can see why time is not always available!


Reality is Setting In! and A Tree at Sunset


Well, the fact is, I am way too busy and far too short of time to do this proposed 365 project.  So, instead of doing a 365, I am just going to go back to looking at things and taking pictures of what I like.  I’ve been quite unhappy with my inability to commit to the project . . . I seldom quit anything I start.

So, here is a tree, which is something I enjoyed photographing very much.

14 / 365 Pond at the Corner of the Path


The rains have begun to turn our dreary California landscape into a bright green.  This little puddle is now a pond.

While a lot of California is considered to be “out of the drought”, where I live, we are still considered to be in drought conditions.  We have more storms on the way, which will help with our drought, but the aquifers are still below normal levels.  Unless California considers continuing stringent water control and water storage problems, these rains will mean nothing if we have little rain in the years to come.