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Little Creek

Little Creek Amongst the Trees

A bit of nature in the land of suburbia.

Actually, this is just one part of a creek which runs throughout my neighborhood and into the open space a few miles away. Rain water washes into the creek from gutters, and you can find breeding ducks and frogs in its water. I have even seen an egret there. After our rains, we have a fair bit of water in it, and I enjoy walking a few blocks to the park, just to hear its trickle and see kids and dogs having a bit of a riot.

The Unfinished Sock

The Unfinished Sock

I bought a travel camera awhile ago – a Canon G7X Mark II – and am playing with it. I am trying out the different modes. This is one of the earlier photos after I just got it, and then I reduced the picture to black and white, not aware that there is a B&W mode in the camera. I want to get comfortable with the camera to get it to do what I want it to do when out and about in strange and exotic places.

I have some really good cameras – but I don’t want to have to change lenses or stay limited to one lens on a range finder. The G7X Mark II was the one I chose after looking at a bazillion digital point and shoots as I can actually set priorities (ie aperture, speed) or go totally automatic or totally manual.

And, it fits in my pocket.