Dry Docked


Walking up and down the boardwalk / bike path of Monterey and Pacific Grove, it was really a delight to see these boats, old and fading as they are. I am not sure what awaits them, but personally I thought they were rather cute (for lack of a better word) and would love to see them chugging around in the sea! The Metropolis film shifts the colors, and while the boats were faded in color, they were still quite bright in the sunlight.

3 comments on “Dry Docked”

  1. Lovely old boats, every seaport seems to have them. Their owners must reach the point where they can no longer use them but can’t quite bring themselves to let them go. Sad really…

    1. Steve – I always find wrecked vessels on the shore a rather sad and tragic thing. Dry docked boats show . . . laziness? fond memories? hope? Funny how such things trigger such thoughts and feelings. I think boats are wonderful – I love sailing, but wouldn’t want to spend days at sea, for sure. My Dad was in the Navy and has some horror stories of the seas in the South Pacific. No thanks!!

      1. Yup, each of them has a story, probably stories by the time they reach that age. I can’t help wondering what happened to the owners, I guess many of them have graduated to aged care or beyond, and the boats will just gradually fade away over time!

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