Instax Afternoon


This afternoon I finally got out for a walk – the weather was not in the high 90s by 10 a.m. It felt so good to be outdoors after nearly 6 weeks inside or in the shade, trying to keep from melting. In general, heat doesn’t bother me, but exercising and sweating in such temperatures gets to me, and it seems this year has been particularly intense. The only walks seem to occur at night, once the sun has gone down and the sidewalks quit sizzling. Our air conditioning ran non-stop a few days in a row, which is unusual for us, but that gives you a sense of the heat – but at least our humidity is relatively low, unlike the southeast.

I decided to play with my Instax Wide by FujiFilm. Normally I just take a picture here and there with my instant cameras but thought it would be fun to use it as the camera to record today’s wanderings. Thus, in no particular order, a few scenes from my afternoon’s perambulation.  Click on an image to move through the gallery.

4 comments on “Instax Afternoon”

    1. Thanks, Fraggy. I re-watched a YouTube video on it. There is a ‘macro” capability which totally eludes me. Maybe the camera sucks there, but it does pretty in some instances. That’s half the fun. 🙂

      1. Yes you can’t use the viewfinder as it doesn’t give a pic of what you’re looking at, I find I have to hold the front lens 4 cm away from the subject and hope for the best!

      2. I just gave up with the macro on the Instax Wide – it’s awful. Maybe I’ll try your tip, Fraggy.

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