Vining petunias trail down the sides of pots. I never put them in the ground. Snails and slugs devour them, and there is some kind of virus that is in the local soil that kills them off. So, in a pot, away from slimey critters.

6 comments on “Pink”

    1. Which one are you looking for? I got it as I like 6×6 format a lot – my folders are evidence of this along with my Yashica Mat D – but I wanted interchangeable lenses. Mamiya makes a TLR 6×6 – C330 or C220 – which does have interchangeable lenses. The Bronica I have is the Bronica SQ-AI but there are multiple other models – all preceded by the SQ: B, A, AI. And earlier ones perhaps. Try KEH from time to time – they do carry good ones. I’m sure there are good used equipment stores in Britain. KEH is my go-to as are a few others here in the US. I take it your Rollei 6×6 isn’t doing the job ….?

      1. The Rollei is not fixable, some doohicky that prevents the lens bit moving about got broke (probably by me being heavu handed), it works, just can’t be assured of a sharp image if the housing slides!

      2. That is too bad about the Rollei. The Bronica is not being made, either, but I have been given some good sources for repairs. That’s the problem with vintage cameras. Are you looking for one with interchageable lenses? If not, I could refer you to a couple of people I have used for folders – one in Holland, one in the US. Let me know.

      3. Totally understand. I have sometimes gotten my best film deals from the UK, including shipping!

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