The Last Narcissus


I took my Nikon N90s, Nikon 28-85 f2.8 Macro, and a roll of the new Kodak Ektachrome E100 to the botanical garden – always a favorite place! Springtime is the best, too, as trees and bulbs and plants are all in bloom. This was taken as the last of the narcissus bloomed and were fading away. At the gardens, the narcissus are the first up and first to fade.

I am pleased with the new Ektachrome E100. Yes, it’s a positive film, needing E6 chemistry to process, and it costs more than B&W or color. However, positive film has so much going for it, and here is more than ample proof. Film, camera, and lens all came together quite nicely.

14 comments on “The Last Narcissus”

    1. Thanks, Fraggy! Hey – did you get out with your film camera yet? Also, do you use LR to process your Fujifilm raw files? Thanks!

      1. Thanks, Fraggy. I just went to Frgglefilm and am now a follower – we have too many blogs!! I wonder if the Silberra had problems at the factory because of the random light leaks. Nice job and looking forward to seeing more of your images. If you scan your own negatives, you can clean them up using Pec-12 and Pec Pads to remove most grunge before you scan. Cheers!

      2. Got you on that one. I have a dedicated 35mm scanner (Pakon) and use my Epson V600 for 120. Here’s another question – with the Fuji camera, do you just use the jpgs or do you process the RAF (raw) files? You see, I got a new toy, and found that LR doesn’t process the RAF files directly unless converted to DNG . . .

      3. Do you use Windows or Mac? Also, CC or hard copy on the drive? And . . . it could be that the RAF files are too new …. I got the Fuji X100V just yesterday!!

      4. MAC all the way. I plug the camera in to my Mac, fire up LR press import and they come straight in via wherever I choose to put them, usually on my separate hard drive. You’re such a gear hound. 🀣🀣

      5. I have a feeling it will take awhile for the X100V to make its way into LR. Meanwhile, I have a lot to learn here – totally different than a simple film camera – but not that different from Nikon digital. What I wanted were the film simulations as well as the fixed lens. Of all the lenses I have, I don’t have a single prime 35mm – cannot seem to find one! So, this sort of answered oodles of thoughts. And, yeah, I am a gear hound, I admit. We all have our fixations!

      6. You know the simulations are in Lightroom already don’t you? You can use them with any digital camera. I have the X100F which is the one prior to the V. They are good cameras to stick in your pocket and take anywhere.

      7. Got the problem solved – used old standalone version for LR – got the Lightroom Classic CC and off we went with visible RAF files. Your info was a great help in solving the mystery.

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