Ready to Plant


Today is a day to spend cleaning up the side patio – aka “The Dog-Free Zone” or DFZ – getting rid of dead, dried stems, old planting soil, digging up bulbs to replant and share. The usual gardening stuff. And, to plant some peppers: Mirasol chilis.

There is something that got my eye with these chilis. The plant is tall and upright, and the peppers stick upright, like fingers, from the far end of the stalk. The flavor is good, too.

So, into some coconut planting containers to see if, in SoCal, I can get these seeds to germinate in our mild weather. I plan to date the planting containers and move through them over a course of several weeks to see if they will pop up. No idea if they are self-fertilizing, so we will see what we will see.

Nothing like spring cleaning before spring planting!

4 comments on “Ready to Plant”

    1. That’s the color they are – I think that’s what made me save them for seeds, plus the fact the plant is silly tall. I cleaned out the patio this morning, fill 2 bins with old dirt so root bound as to be worthless for me at present, clippings, and such. Now, gonna plant the first round of seeds – wearing gloves as those peppers, even when dried are still capable of stinging regular skin! Add some bulbs, too, and my official entry into spring gardening (and I guess cleaning) begins a month early. Oh, here it is “bliddy” cold too at night – 49F! Brrrrrrr!

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