Fenced In or Out?


What’s on the other side?

Here, a creek in a rather deep ravine, filled with poison oak as well. Keeps the frogs and crayfish safe!

2 comments on “Fenced In or Out?”

    1. I don’t know if you have “poison” plants in England – I’ve heard of stinging nettles. Anyway, there is a volatile oil on the plant, and if you rub up against it, you break out in blisters – not bumps, blisters – from the oil. It’s awful. First time I went camping, visiting mother nature, I sat in a clump accidentally.. Sad story. Lots of prednisone. It’s easy to spot in the fall as the leaves are a bright red, but it’s most volatile in the spring and new growth – at least from my experience. We also have poison ivy and poison sumac. A simple rhyme to help you out: Leaflets three, let it be. It works.

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