At the Children’s Library


I decided to load up a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 and have it pushed at the photo lab to +2.  I had done this with Ilford HP5 with good results.  Here – did they push it or not?  I am completely unsure!

We have a wonderful library where I live.  There is a huge children’s section, separated from the main library.  Child-size chairs and tables, activities, fun books and research books.  I go there often just to enjoy what kids (and big and old kids) get to read.  This statue is outside the entrance to the children’s library, one of a small number of statues found scattered around the grounds.

3 comments on “At the Children’s Library”

    1. We are really lucky here to have the libraries we do. In my city, there are only two libraries, one which you see here, and another about 10 miles away. Where we used to live were multiple smaller neighborhood libraries. Once, a 1/2 penny tax was proposed to update the system and services – but it failed. People said they didn’t use the library and saw no reason to impose taxes on others. Personally, this is wrong in my opinion. Just because I don’t use the roads in your neighborhood does not mean I shouldn’t support taxes. Just because I don’t call the police every day, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support them. Libraries enrich everyone, poor and rich. I think the libraries are part of our property tax system -so property owners support them, as they do the school system. However, a community means communal support – and here where I live, we have excellent services and schools, in part because we are not a slum . . . .

      1. We have a nice library in the local town and some stunning ones in cities. We have a “little Library” in the village which is a little cupboard run voluntarily by local people. I agree with you though.

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