Old Friend


Yesterday I went out around noon.  Bad time, traditionally, to make a picture, but that was the time frame I had.  I had two film cameras with me – an OM-1n with an Orange 21 filter and B&W film, and a new-to-me Certo Six out on its maiden voyage and filled with Ektar 100.

As it was hot, I sat down in the shade along a trail.  And here, a tree I have so many times along my walk, had a brand new perspective.  I think I took it with both cameras, but it was just so beautiful, I took out my cell phone . . . too impatient to wait for film to come back.

How old is this lovely oak?  I know there were some here when the Spanish showed up 300 years ago, and they were old then.  Sometimes, I wish I could see the world through the eye of a tree.

5 comments on “Old Friend”

    1. Yep indeed! I would love to visit the New Forest in your neck of the woods (or wherever it is!) for the trees. Our visit to the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State was awesome, if you like trees.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing the results. Jurgen Kreckel had it on his eBay site, so I bought it for my birthday (next week, but let’s not make it public!) as I have wanted one, too, for a bit. I’ve bought other folders from him – Perkeo II, Welta Weltur 6×6, and an Isolette III. He is reliable, so I don’t hesitate to pay for a camera from him.

      I decided to use Ektar 100 in it and shoot Sunny 16 and compare that to my light meter. Hopefully I will have images and some commentary on it next week. It’s a very interestingly designed camera – so different in many little ways than your regular folding cameras – and it weighs a ton.

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