Fallen Flowers


For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of these flowers!  I know they are related to carnations, and the name will probably come to me after this is long posted.  So, senility is setting in and I am getting used to it.

The original may be seen below, taken with Dubble’s Bubble Gum film, and then converted to B&W.  I may end up buying another roll of it as the colors are really enjoyable.  I don’t know if they will be the same tints as here because they got a new manufacturer.

I just remembered the name of the flower!  Dianthus.  “Dalrymple” and “Dahlia” kept going through my head.  Isn’t funny how the mind works?  And Virginia Woolf is here, too, I guess.

So, fallen flowers – of the dianthus sort – accidentally chopped off when I was dead heading the front bed last week.

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