Fat Tire


Over a year ago I won a couple of rolls of Dubble film, and it was shipped all the way from Spain.  I finally got around to using it.  This is a desaturated image – since this is a black and white year – but the color one is pretty cool, too.  A lot of oddly colored films don’t appeal to me, but I really liked the results I got from it.  When I post a desaturated image from that lot, I’ll include the original, too.  I clean things up in LR and such, getting rid of the specks and threads of processing, but for the color ones, that is all I will do.


3 comments on “Fat Tire”

    1. The film is called “Bubble Gum” by Dubble films. They are a bit pricey, but you can find them in the EU at 11 euros I think. In the US they are $15 / roll. New manufacturer – so may be a bit different – and 36 images / roll, vs the 24 I had. Nice people.

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