Panorama at Shoshone Point


Panorama at Shoshone Point

Digital allows you to use the proverbial scattergun approach to imaging for a panorama . . . film requires a bit more thought through the viewfinder. Parts you think you have disappear, and you don’t know until you have left the place. Sometimes CS6 can fill in the gaps and other times you just have to crop, even if you have a different vision. Ah, well. Here, though, I was pretty pleased, though not perfectly pleased, with the results.

2 comments on “Panorama at Shoshone Point”

    1. I’m sort of running out of space on the amount allocated on WordPress, so I finally learned how to link things to flickr – took awhile as they seem to change it daily!

      Glad you like the image – if you never have seen the Grand Canyon, it’s a must if you ever get to the U.S. I have never gone down into the Canyon, but think it would be an amazing place to be . . . on the bottom, a mile down, and looking up.

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