Reflections and Projections



I’ve been looking over a lot of my photography from the past few years.  I’ve learned a lot.  Sometimes I wonder why I do it.  Digital and analog photography have become quite comfortable . . . and, admittedly, I’m bored with what I am doing.  Something needs to get shaken up a bit.

This past year I’ve totally enjoyed the 366 photography project by Fraggy.  She did a different subject every month, planned out ahead.  Following her, I know at times she has been stuck or frustrated, but as each month wore on, there was progress and creativity that developed.  Inspired, I will do the same for 2017.  I’m feeling a bit burnt out with what I have been doing, so I figure it could prove to be inspirational and creative.  Here is my list for 2017:

  1. January:  Corners
  2. February:  Bathrooms (I promise, nothing disgusting)
  3. March:  Lines
  4. April:  Plants
  5. May:  Down Low
  6. June:  Paper
  7. July:  Shiny or Reflective
  8. August:  Vacation (I should be traveling a bit)
  9. September:  Anatomy (nothing that is X-rated)
  10. October:  Nothingness
  11. November:  After Sunset
  12. December:  Tools


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