Texture iii, BW


Texture, iii BW

Black and white can be very difficult if not done properly – contrast has to be there, whether long scale (lots of grey between the blackest black and whitest white) or short scale (little grey between black and white).  Long scale images may never reach black or white, and may not work at all.  Certain colors work better in b&w with a filter.  So much more stuff, it seems to me, needs to be learned when shooting in b&w!  I struggle with it.  Above is longer scale; below is shorter scale.  The red leaves were really difficult to render.

Texture, iii BW v. 1

2 comments on “Texture iii, BW”

  1. Thank you! I prefer more contrast (lower) I think . . . I mean, I think, and then on the other hand . . . . 😉

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