Evening Walk


Evening Walk

For some reason the photomerge element of LR and CS6 has crashed.  For free, for laughs, for grins, I tried MS Composite Editor.  I am so pleased – it works beautifully.  After the photomerge, returned it to LR and On1 to doctor it up.  Here are the results for your viewing pleasure.

Details of the pano:  75 or so images reduced to 1500 along the long edge.  Final crop in a 16×9 format.  I pushed the structure of the image, partly because I took this as the sun was disappearing behind the mountains and the light was fading, but also because I think the details are so important in a landscape.  The new leaves and flowers, all green, merge, but they all have different textures, and therein (for me) lies the beauty.

5 comments on “Evening Walk”

    1. It is a road in an open space – Wildwood – that goes to lots of areas. Where I live, the city charter maintains that 30% of the entire city to be left as open space. Not sure if it includes neighborhood parks, but it is a real blessing.

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