Mexican Sage


Mexican Sage

Last weekend I went up to the local botanical gardens with three different film cameras, each loaded with different film.  I just wanted to use them up!  I haven’t sorted out what film is with what picture, or what camera, but once I do sit down – this weekend – it will be interesting to see what combinations end up being my favorite(s).

3 comments on “Mexican Sage”

  1. beautiful colour, we have a similar plant here but not sure what it’s called, (I really must get a grip on naming stuff I shoot 🙂 I love the minuscule flaw, there’s a thin vertical line and a couple of bobbles just to the right of the right hand flower, so cool, you couldn’t fake that digitally though there are filters that try, and fail. 🙂

  2. Glad you like them . . . got the Epson V600 and am scanning some images. So much crud on the film – me or the developer?????

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