Through the Window


Through the Window

This is a glimpse through one of the windows in the wall of the Sun Temple, found in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.  According to the National Park Service:

According to modern Pueblo Indians, Sun Temple’s features classify it as a ceremonial structure. Because neither household goods nor roof beams were found by archeologists at Sun Temple, some believe the symmetrically planned “D” shaped building was never completed. Yet its size alone points to the amount of labor that went into its construction. The stones in the fine masonry walls were shaped and given a “dimpled” flat surface by the builders of the structure. Based upon the amount of fallen stone removed during excavation, the walls probably were between 11 and 14 feet high. The thick walls were double coursed and filled with a rubble core. Today, modern concrete covers the top of the walls to prevent moisture from going into the rubble placed between the walls.


3 comments on “Through the Window”

  1. Just spent 1/2 hr on wiki reading about the Mesa Verde, what a fascinating place, great shot looking down the corridor of the temple. That it was built to align with the lunar standstill (another thing I just learned about!) is also amazing.

    1. We were honestly so overwhelmed by this place. In addition to the cliff dwellings of 1200-1300 a.d., there are also pit houses from around 500 a.d. The area is high desert, so it can be rather extreme in temperatures – hot, cold – with canyons and mountains throughout. Besides the mountainous area of Mesa Verde, you also have the Mancos valley just below, which is a wide, graceful swath of land, relatively flat, which would also provide home to herds of animals, and, one would think, make a good place for agriculture. Make it part of your road trip!

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