Autumnal Grasses


Autumnal Grasses

A new-to-me film, recommended by one whose photography I admire: Kodak UltraMax 400. Not an expensive film. I shot the roll at the recommended iso, using the automatic exposure element in a Ricoh XR-10 camera, and a Vivitar 28-70mm lens. The guy at the photo lab suggest I shoot all 400 at 320 iso instead – longer exposure, better color. I’ve loaded another roll of the same film, in the same camera, to test it out at a lower iso.

This image was doctored a bit in LR.

3 comments on “Autumnal Grasses”

  1. Thanks! I’ve been thinking of picking up a Holga, just for the heck of it, and to see what it, and larger film, will do . . . what happened to your instant film cameras?

    1. I’m still doing those, I just stick them up in my ‘adventures in film’ section, I don’t always put them in a main post so they don’t come through to the reader. Mind you I’ve just stuffed up a set of films in my SX70, think it’s on the blink, again!)

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