August 25

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August 25

For lack of a better name, the date I took it.

Here in SoCal we are in the umpteenth year of drought. If you look at “then” and “now” images of the state’s water resources, as in dammed lakes, there is a shocking loss of water reserves. I’ve stopped watering my backyard.

Back onto topic: I went out yesterday to use an 85mm lens to do landscape, and to take a look at the vegetation in a local regional park, Wildwood, which covers a large area nearby. Landscape with an 85mm lens is rather funny because I have to “compose with my feet” and I found it very hard to do. Most success seems to have occurred when I walked a good 30 feet / 10m from what I wanted in the foreground or as subject matter. I did some aperture priority and manual exposure / focus on this trip . . .

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