Headstones and Memorial Posts

Headstones and Memorial Posts, Japanese Cemetery, Oxnard, CA

4 comments on “Headstones and Memorial Posts”

  1. It is owned by the Masonic Cemetery Organization, which also has an older cemetery nearby. The Japanese Cemetery is on the corner of Etting and P.V. roads, and the Masonic Cemetery is the one further down Etting. You will find headstones for famous Oxnardians there, such as Saviers, and others. Sadly, it is very derelict, but from what I have read, the Masons and the South Oxnard Heritage group are looking to improve it. Funding, I expect, is always a problem.

  2. This picture really made me stop and think: look at the dusty landscape, the withered flowers, no footprints of any visitors. Is this an old cemetery?

  3. This is an historical cemetery, and old for the US – 100+ years. It is old and dusty looking because the land in the area is sandy soil, so if there are no plants, the ground degrades into sand dunes. Actually, this cemetery is not abandoned, but no one new is being interred. The local Japanese community has preserved it over the years, cleaning it annually. Recently, funding has come in and some maintenance has been done, with outlines for pathways and possibly planters. A red gate graces the entrance. A new fence surrounds the entire area. Just down the road, the old Masonic cemetery is in much worse shape, which is ironic because it was much more posh than the Japanese one. It, too, is receiving funding for restoration as many locally famous families were buried there who were part of the white community.

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